What You Need to Know: Injured in an Orange County Car Accident?

After being seriously injured in an Orange County car accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you’re likely to be burdened with seemingly insurmountable medical bills during a lengthy recovery. You might not even be able to perform even the most fundamental duties of your job. Don’t expect the insurer of the person who caused your crash and injuries to have any sympathy. It’s objective is to wear you down until you’re exhausted so that you finally accept a low settlement offer.

Devaluing Your Claim

Insurance companies make money by charging their customers premiums to remain insured. Then, they invest that money, and they make even more money off of those investments. When claims like yours arise, they want to hang onto as much of their money as possible. They do that by attempting to devalue your injury claim or even denying it.

Lulling You Into Mistakes

If you try to pursue an injury claim on your own without the benefit of the advice, counsel, and experience of a dedicated personal injury attorney, that is opposing insurance company has you exactly where it wants you. It’s going to lull you into a false sense of security, and it’s highly likely that you’re going to make mistakes. California’s rules of evidence allow your mistakes to be used against you in a trial. For example, a mistake like giving a recorded statement to the insurer of the person who injured you can and will be used against you to attack your credibility in a trial before a judge and jury. The value of your case could decrease significantly. There is no reason to avail yourself of that risk when the quality, experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyers at Guldjian Law are available.

Our Goal

It’s the goal of the insurer of the person who injured you to pay you as little as possible or even nothing after you’ve been injured by the carelessness and negligence of their insured person. Our goal is quite the opposite. We want to maximize any settlement or award that you might receive. Don’t talk with that other insurer. You might only hurt your case.

Contact us right away after being injured by a negligent driver anywhere in Orange County to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. We want to know what happened and how it happened. We’ll answer your questions too.

We can help arrange treatment with chiropractors, physical therapists and other doctors as needed.