Benefits Of Having Your Car Professionally Waxed

The majority of people are aware that they should clean their car, truck, or SUV at least twice a year. Few people, however, are aware of the advantages of waxing their automobile. Surprising to many, waxing your vehicle is just as critical as washing it. This is why.

Guards Against Airborne Contaminants by Waxing

Waxing accomplishes much more than enhance the appearance of a vehicle’s exterior. Give your vehicle a thorough waxing at least once every few months to help protect it against airborne contaminants such as acid rain, pests, and other hazards. Such corrosive elements will adhere to the paint of your automobile, truck, or SUV, causing unpleasant scratches. Wax acts as a barrier between the paint and impurities, preventing them from becoming trapped and embedded in the paint.

Wax Decreases Repair Costs

While wax can not eliminate paint chips or scratches from a vehicle, it does fill them in considerably. Applying vehicle wax to scratches significantly reduces their visibility. This method is substantially less expensive than engaging a specialist to repair the scratches or chips. Car wax also helps prevent paintwork from peeling by reducing friction between the car and road debris. This way, little stones and boulders will just slide off your vehicle, causing no damage.

A Glorious Glow

Having your vehicle professionally waxed restores its luster. This shiny finish will attract attention, increase the value of your vehicle, and ultimately make you feel more proud of your ride.

Hard Water Spots Are Eliminated Through Waxing

Those bothersome water stains left behind by car washes and other forms of water exposure appear to persist regardless of what vehicle owners do. There is no use in attempting one form of hard water spot removal after another when waxing is all that is required. Have your vehicle’s paint treated with wax and sealants to avoid such spotting from staining the exterior of your vehicle. Once waxed, your vehicle will appear pristine.

Cleaning Is Made Easier by Waxing

Unknown fact: waxing a vehicle makes washing it significantly easier. The application and subsequent removal of wax aids in washing away airborne impurities that contribute to the above-mentioned hard water spots. Failure to apply wax to your vehicle will almost certainly necessitate a thorough detail cleaning to remove hard water marks, which can prove costly and time-consuming.

Waxing Protects Against Oxidation

The addition of car wax aids in the removal of oxidation from the paint of the vehicle. Oxidation of paint occurs when it is exposed to the elements for an extended period of time without proper protection. Consistent washing, application of car wax, and polishing the vehicle’s exterior helps protect your paint and prevents you from having to pay exorbitant repair costs.

Even better, waxing repairs damage caused by the sun.

The majority of people do not hesitate to leave their vehicle in the sun for extended periods of time. If you keep your automobile outside for an extended period of time, the paint will progressively deteriorate. Applying a layer of automotive wax will significantly improve the appearance of your ride’s paint. Sun damage repair begins with a thorough cleaning without soap. To dry, use a non-abrasive cloth. Apply a rubbing compound, paying special attention to the areas of the car that have sustained the most sun damage. The final step is to apply automotive wax to this compound.

Your Vehicle Will Look Fantastic After Being Freshly Waxed

Whether you’re considering trading in your vehicle, selling it, or simply cruising around town, it will look beautiful once it has been professionally waxed. Maintaining a regular waxing schedule will ensure that your vehicle retains its cosmetic appeal regardless of its age or usage. The cherry on top is that regular waxing helps maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s exterior for years, if not decades, to come. If you’re looking for professional car waxing in Vancouver, stop by or contact Tans Auto Detailing now!