Disability Lawyers Near Me: Where Can I Find One?

Are you filing for or appealing a Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefit decision? You may have determined that you require legal counsel but are confused how to locate a disability benefit lawyer in your area. A Social Security disability attorney can significantly increase your chances of collecting benefits through the SSDI or SSI claim process, and you will be delighted to learn that there are various ways to locate a disability lawyer in your region. These methods are discussed in greater detail below.

How Can I Locate a Disability Attorney in My Area?

Prior to beginning your search for a disability lawyer near you, keep in mind that many, but not all, lawyers specialize in a certain field of law. Apart from handicap attorneys, there are attorneys that specialize in family law, personal injury, commercial litigation, immigration law, and criminal defense, to name a few. There are also a significant number of lawyers who are not as specialized and may provide expertise in a variety of different areas of law.

You will discover that specialist handicap lawyers are more readily available in larger towns and cities, whereas in smaller towns and rural areas, the lawyers may be less specialized. Your best option is to find a specialist disability lawyer with whom you can discuss your case face to face, preferably in person.

Google Lookup

The simplest way to find a handicap lawyer in your area is to conduct a simple Google search, for example, “Disability lawyers in Nashville” (substitute your own location). By doing so, you will discover literally dozens of lawyers who provide legal services for disabled people, each of whom has their own website, which you can use to determine whether they are really specialists in their field or merely generalists. Nashville is a fairly vast city, and you can narrow your search by typing “social security disability in east Nashville” or “disability lawyer near me in Bellevue/Madison/etc.”

Social networking sites

While you’re browsing disability attorneys in your area, be sure to check out their Facebook profile, if they have one. Although law company websites rarely provide client feedback, if the business has a social media presence (as many do), you are more likely to find out what clients think about the lawyers and the legal assistance they received. Along with Facebook, the majority of lawyers will have a LinkedIn profile, which you can view if you also have a LinkedIn profile. This will offer you a better sense of each lawyer’s professional background and their track record of success in delivering social security disability legal services.

The primary problem of these Google and social media searches is that the search engine returns results for the lawyer’s own website, making differentiation difficult. There are more tried and true methods for locating a local disability attorney that complement the Google search, as detailed below.

Relatives and Friends

Friends and family are frequently excellent sources of information regarding attorneys. A family lawyer who is experienced with the legal issues of Social Security disability benefits may be able to assist you. This can have a number of advantages, as the lawyer may be familiar with both your medical and job histories. Similarly, friends or family members may be able to recommend someone they have used previously. The likelihood is that if a family member recommends a lawyer, it is because they believe they can do a good job.

Local Non-Profit Organizations

If you’re affiliated with a nonprofit organization (such as one that supports your limiting condition), they may be able to make recommendations or work with a specific lawyer. They work with a number of attorneys, which enables you to quickly locate an attorney who may be able to assist you with your disability claim.


If you are still unable to locate a lawyer near you (due to a lack of results from an internet search), there are additional sources of information that may assist you, including the following:

Yelp or Other Review Sites;

Your state bar association or local bar association. Each state and almost every significant city will have one of these, and you can contact the bar association to locate a lawyer who specializes in disability law.

Request a No-Cost Case Evaluation

You can use the form on this page to connect with an independent, participating attorney in your region who is a member of the website and accepts cases.

The majority of disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they are compensated only if you obtain a benefit. Additionally, the lawyer’s expenses are frequently factored into your back compensation from the Social Security Administration. By collaborating with an attorney, you may assist in getting as much information as possible about your medical condition and the reasons why your handicap prevents you from working and necessitates the receipt of a disability payment.